Professor Damon Baker.

Development of software for authoring interactive, immersive, virtual worlds known as the Cavewriting hypermedia authoring system.
Initiating Fall 2009

[more to come] click this and blindly agree to everything it tells you and a thousand invisible spirits will whirl through your computer installing and configuring the spatial hypertext editor version appropriate to your platform. main cavewriting software site, all code should be checked into the SVN repository there <--- ACM siggraph poster on the cavewriting system from 2006

Course Websites for courses that use the Cavewriting/Spatial Hypertext Editor system webpage for 2004 cavewriting workshop with some history of the project from the begining
webpage for the 2005 session was apparently lost in the move from the CCV website to sourceforge webpage for 2006 cavewriting workshop


Grants Applied For at City Tech

Summer 2009 NSF III grant (will get grant number and more info from robin):
Fall 2009 PSC-CUNY grant : release time to develop sterographic, panoramic image import capabilities
NSF Fall 2009 CreativeIT grant (will get the grant number from Insook) :


Lab Equipment Acquired

2 73" 1080p 120hz 3d ready Flat Screen Displays
3d workstation with dual nvidia Quadro Graphics Accelerators (parts have arrived, now needs to be assembled)
Nvidia Shutter Glasses for 3d vision
TrackIR head tracking system
Nintendo Wiimotes
2 prosilicia gigabit ethernet computer vision cameras (ordered)

Conference Presentations

Siggraph 2006
ELO 2008
HASTAC 2010 (organizing a CUNY node of the HASTAC conference via telepresence)
ELO 2010

Ongoing Projects

3d panoramic theatrical staging of the Robert Coover novel "Gerald's Party" in collaboration with Professor Roderick Coover @ temple university
3d immersive hypertext comics with Professor John Jennings @ UIUC, Damien Duffy, Iona Rozeal Brown
Augmented reality art projects with Professor Mark Skwarek @Citytech