StudioBlue@Citytech is a faculty/student research and development arena based in the School of Technology and Design.

Open to projects of all disciplines college-wide, its mission is to provide space for faculty/student projects to initiate innovative, interdisciplinary systems, devices, and protocols.

StudioBlue was launched in 2005 with funding from a Graduate Research Technology Initiative grant entitled "Research and Development of Innovative Multi-Use Devices for Telerobotics and Theater."

Its mission has expanded to include projects in visual and auditory simulation, sustainability, computation, data visualization.

Faculty and students have participated from Entertainment Technology, Architectural Technology and Computer Engineering Technology, and we look forward to hosting projects from other departments from all schools of the College.

Projects reside in the StudioBlue space and bring in their own resources.
Collaborations with outside parties in industry are common.
Projects have been presented at conferences , including SIGGRAPH,
where a faculty and student project "Project Prey" was received the 2009
Annual Research Challenge competition award.